Photograph of some parked cars.

The Willow Gardens has a very high ratio of parking to households.

The Willow Gardens has 148 garages and approximately 100 designated parking spaces to serve 172 properties. A very high ratio of parking area per household. Unfortunately most of the garages on the estate are given over to other uses. Because of this, parking space is at a premium and the growing number of vehicles in the estate can often mean residents being inconvenienced and endagnered by badly parked vehicles. Residents who do not garage their vehicles should park in a responsible manner.

All parking on the estate is at the discretion of The Management Company and residents should be aware that the following parking restrictions apply:

  • The garage areas are not reserved for parking and drivers who park here must not prevent residents from having free access to their garages or prevent those who wish to garage their vehicles from doing so, or in any other way obstruct free passage within the area.
  • Under the terms of the lease, residents may not keep/store a tax expired vehicle on the estate other than in a garage (see clause2.h). The Company has a long established procedure for removing vehicles which are stored in this way. Vehicles declared to be sorn are not exempted from this. Residents wishing to appeal the removal of a vehicle should provide supporting documentary evidence.
  • Vehicles parked on Cherry Close, Hazel Close and North Acre must not impede free access for the emergency services either to the Courtyard or garage areas or endanger, inconvenience or obstruct free access to these areas by other drivers.

In addition to the above, residents may not:

  • Park on grassed areas.
  • Park in areas reserved for emergency vehicles.
  • Double park.
Photograph of some of the garages in the Willow Gardens.

Cars should not be parked in areas that obstruct access.

Warning stickers will be attached to vehicles in breach of parking restrictions. Parking restrictions will be enforced in the interests of all residents. The company reserves its rights in regard to the removal of vehicles illegally parked on its land.

If you require further information please contact the Management office. Your co-operation in reducing parking problems is greatly appreciated.