Photograph of the newly completed buildings in the New Hendon Village.

The first dwellings in the New Hendon Village are now completed and ready for people to move in! | Image © Countryside Properties Plc.

Grahame Park is Barnet’s largest housing estate with 1,777 homes built by the GLC in the 1970s. Although the estate was popular with many early residents, significant problems arose due to the concentration of vulnerable and disadvantaged people, and because of the estate’s design which isolates it from the surrounding areas.

Background & Scheme Proposal

In the late 1980s, the estate went through its first regeneration process, which split the blocks of flats into smaller blocks and added arched roofs to many of the buildings. In 2003, residents voted in favour of a full regeneration of the estate.

The Grahame Park regeneration forms a central part of the Colindale Area Action Plan which aims to create a vibrant new community with major infrastructure improvements, improved transport links and community health facilities.

A radical rebuilding programme is planned to transform this estate over the next 15 years. Approximately 3,000 new homes will be built forming part of a new heart for Colindale.

These plans will remodel the layout of the estate, in order to connect it to the surrounding area and link the homes and services with other developments in Colindale. The regeneration plans include new community and retail facilities, and approximately 25 per cent of the existing homes that were built in a more traditional layout are to be retained and integrated into the new development.

The Housing Corporation earmarked £15 million Social Housing Grant to fund the provision of 159 affordable homes on advance adjacent sites, enabling the early re-housing of residents in the first phase of properties scheduled for demolition.

In addition, the government awarded £7 million from the Opportunity Borough Fund to improve access in and out of this area. This, along with contributions from both the Grahame Park and RAF East Camp developments, funded the replacement of the two railway bridges across Aerodrome Road .

The regeneration is being implemented on a phase by phase basis, dependent on satisfactory re-housing of existing residents before their homes are demolished, with a significant programme of sales of new, high-quality private homes.

Barnet council will, where appropriate, consider the use of Compulsory Purchase Order powers to enable particular major developments to proceed.

Photo of flats being demolished as part of phase 1b.

Flats being demolished as part of phase 1b of the regeneration. | Image © Gensis Housing Association.

Timeline Of Events So Far…

Late 1980’sEstate goes through its first regeneration process, which split the blocks of flats into smaller blocks and added arched roofs to many of the buildings.
January 2002Barnet selects CfGP as its development partner.
July 2003Residents vote 79% YES to CfGP regeneration proposals.
September 2004Barnet Council’s Planning and Environment Committee approves the outline masterplan for the regeneration of the whole estate following approval from the council’s cabinet. Barnet Council selects CfGP as its development partner.
January 2006First land transfer and demolition.
January 2007Principal Development Agreement signed between Barnet Council, CfGP and Genesis. Outline Planning permission granted for the entire project.
August 2007First Genesis tenants (rehoused from Grahame Park) move into new homes.
October 2007A demonstration phase of 32 homes is completed, 13 of which were for affordable rent, 3 for low-cost home ownership and 16 for market sale.
November 2007A Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) is made on properties and interests in the area known as phase 1b of the regeneration area.
February 2008There are no objections received to the CPO and the council therefore confirms the order. Further details on this can be found by visiting the Barnet Council website.
December 2008The construction of a replacement children’s facility known as the Greentop Centre is completed as part of phase 1a, providing new facilities for the users of the centre to enjoy.
July 2009Construction starts for 319 new homes (Phase 1a).
February 2011Genesis tenants (rehoused from Grahame Park into Phase 1a) start moving into new homes.
April 2011Improved Open Space re-opened to the public (Heybourne Park).
July 2012The first major phase of the Grahame Park regeneration in the area known as phase 1a is completed. This phase comprises 134 homes for affordable rent, 30 for low-cost home ownership and 155 for market sale. Details on the new homes for sale can be found by visiting the New Hendon Village website.

Current Situation

The situation as it stands now (July 2012):

Photograph of "The Tower" from New Hendon Village.

The Tower is completed as part of phase 1a on schedule in July 2012. | Image © Countryside Properties.

  • A detailed planning application has been approved for the area, known as phase 0. This phase comprises of 39 homes for market sale. Work on these new homes is due to start in 2012.
  • A detailed planning application has been approved for the next major phase, known as phase 1b. This phase comprises of 446 new homes, replacement library, community centre, shops, housing office, a public square and half of a new park. However there is a late potential change to this phase of the development as Barnet & Southgate College wish to use some of the area previously allocated to residential dwellings, for a new college campus. See here for more details.

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