Painting Of The Willow Gardens 2012

Photograph of a paintbrush on top of a paint can.

Photograph of a paintbrush on top of a paint can.

Painting of the Willow Gardens estate commences the week beginning 16th July 2012 | Image © Alan Cleaver

The time has come once again for the Willow Gardens area to be re-painted. The painting contractors will be starting the painting from Arran Court and moving down towards Beaumont and Deal Court during the week beginning 16th July 2012.

BUILDCO are the contractors that have between awarded the work and they com be contacted by calling (020) 8961 4706 or contacting Kaly on 07956 156 576 or Harry on 07425 380 602. They can be contacted at all times in case of need or if you have any queries. The contractors are willing to do any repair work that you may require though this is to be agreed between you and the contractors and has nothing to do with Grahame Park West Management Ltd.

The properties which have windows double glazed will not be painted. The same would apply to feature panels which have been tiled.

Residents are requested to follow the following precautions as far as possible:

  1. Refrain from parking in the coned off areas when painting of townhouses and flats are being carried out and ladder access is required.
  2. While it is necessary to keep windows and doors open during painting and drying, please try and ensure that somebody is in the property.
  3. The workers do not need to have access inside your house and hence should not be allowed to enter your property.
  4. All tradesmen will have photo ID badges, should you have any don’t or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Kaly or Harry on the number above.

We need to emphasise at this stage that all repairs to windows, woodwork, feature panels and especially the balconies, must be carried out by the leaseholder/occupier before the painting takes place. The painting contractors may be unable to paint the property if the repair work is not carried out as required.

Many of the bin cupboard doors are damaged and have not been replaced by the owners/occupiers. The contractors can only paint these doors if the same are fit to be painted. We would request that you get the doors repaired/replaced yourself or with the help of the contractor at your cost and the Management will then paint them for you.

While the contractor may be able to help you in this matter, please note this is a private arrangement between the individual concerned and the contractor and the company takes no responsibility whatsoever in this matter.

Should you have any questions in respect of the painting work or the contractors, please contract me without any hesitation be phone, email or fax.

N N Kini
For and on behalf of
Grahame Park (West) Management Ltd.

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