Information On Waste Disposal

Large and excess waste items for disposal

Photo taken at the Civic Amenity & Recycling Centre in Summers Lane.

Civic Amenity & Recycling Centre, Summers Lane, Finchley, N12 0RF

In recent months there has been a big increase in large items and excess waste being dumped around The Willow Gardens and on the adjoining footpath; Victor Walk. Items include but are not limited to beds, mattresses, TV’s and other large electrical items and it would seem these are being left by a small minority of residents on our estate. Where possible we will try to identify the property where the items came from, and once this has been established, we will then inform Barnet Environmental Health Department and pass all the details to them. In a recent case of dumping, we passed on the relevant details, and there is now a prosecution pending. You have been warned!

If you have any electrical items that you have replaced, the retailer of the new item is obliged by law under WEEE regulations to take in the old item without charge so that it can be safely recycled/disposed of. If it is a large item and is delivered to your home, collection of the old item is usually included in the delivery charge, ask and make it a condition of your purchase.

Most items of waste can also be taken to the local Civic Amenity & Recycling Centre, which is in Summers Lane, Finchley, N12 0RF. Call (020) 8362 0752 for opening times, or for large items, call Barnet Council on (020) 8359 4600 and ask for the special collection service, there will be a fee payable depending on what is to be collected and how much.

Recycling Boxes

Recently some residents have been misinformed that that the small black and blue recycling boxes should be left out on the grass verges for collection, in other Courts this has been done for some time. What often happens is that other waste is put next to it but is not collected because it is not recyclable waste. This is wrong! When wheelie bins, then the recycling boxes appeared, it was agreed each time, with Barnet Council that there was nowhere within the design of the estate that bins and boxes could be left for road side collection, and it was negotiated that all bins and boxes would be collected from the front of each property. In future if your box is not collected from your house, call Barnet Council on (020) 8359 4600 and complain, If you are then still having problems about recycling collections contact Ted Sofocli (our Deputy Chairman) on (020) 8200 5337.

Green wheelie bins

The green wheelie bins are intended for green waste only, i.e. vegetable and fruit food waste, all garden waste inc. grass cuttings, but nothing in a plastic bag, if you have “messy” waste like peelings, wrap them in a sheet of newspaper, then drop it in your green bin.

And Finally
To all of you who dispose of your waste in the correct manner, Thank you.

N N Kini
Chairman, The Willow Gardens

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